Bones Productions provides hosting for all websites. Even if we did not make the site, we would love to host it on our servers.
The problem with most servers are that they are slow, how many times have you clicked a website link in Google and had to wait for it to load? The reason is the server providing the site is not up to par in speed and space utilizedby the website.
Bones Productions works closely with a local Toronto, Ontario company who specialize in providing super quick access to their servers. This allow for instant appeal to the viewer with the site opening fast on every page!
Why waste your money? You dedicate your time and efforts into designing the ultimate site you want, and no-one goes there, as it won't open quick enough?
Bones Productions ensures your site will fly onto the screen, fast and accurate!
Ask us for a quote today, we will gladly provide you rates for YOUR site!
Don't be disappointed, hosting is an important part of the total dynamics of your websites appeal, and we can help! Guaranteed!