Bones Productions Produces world class websites that get noticed! We strive to offer our services to all types of business or personal usage. Be it a simple site to complex on-line purchasing store style sites, we cover them all form top to bottom.


Graphic Design is an essential part of branding your product. Be it a company logo, advertising flyer or a sponsorship booklet, we can provide you with high level graphic design. We can integrate yourown design if so desired to bring it to life, Just ask?


Fast Effective Hosting We all go to websites and sit and wait for it to load, not with Bones Productions! We use only the fastest servers to send out our sites to your viewers, Solid effectivehosting at a great affordable cost, We know no-one will wait, so why should you?

About Us

'Bones Productions' is a full website, hosting and graphical creation company, based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
The name of 'Bones' was given as a nickname to our company President, due to his immense passion for his favorite team, the Poole Pirates Speedway Club in the UK, and from that the website creation company 'Bones Productions' was introduced in 2005.

The personal touches make or break a website. The feeling that the visitor is there just to visit is not something that is portrayed by any of 'Bones Productions' website's.

They all are easy to navigate, they all have simple but effective themes that transfer to allowing the visitor to have ownership of that site. This is turn leaves the visitor the need to come back and want more, the ultimate compliment for any website!

Our span of websites covers that of speedway racing associations, riders, automotive repair, parts suppliers, valve suppliers, industrial suppliers, driving schools, photography sites, motorcycle dealerships and lots more.... Your site is simply a click away, contact us and we will gladly discuss your needs and requirements to bring your company to life!